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Y3 Remote Learning

Mr. Hague & Mrs. Richardson

Leader of Remote Learning at Anston  Brook

Mr. Townend


Remote Learning Timetable

Mr Hague and Mrs Richardson

At Anston Brook we have structured our remote learning timetable to match the school day as closely as possible. This is to keep the children in a familiar routine. This is to be used as a guide to help families rather than put you under pressure. There may need to be some changes and we appreciate that some families will need to access learning at different times to accommodate siblings and access to technology.

All learning is updated and scheduled to go live on Google Classroom each day. Regular marking and feedback is given and children are rewarded for their efforts with positive praise and Dojo points. Learning is also uploaded on dojo should there be any issues with google classroom.
Please see below for a timetable for the week's learning - please be aware that timings may alter each week depending on resources and other circumstances but this will all be communicated through Google Classroom and Class Dojo on a daily basis. 

Google Meet

There are three google meets booked each day. 

Morning Meet- This is an opportunity to register the children and get them settled for a day of learning. The class teacher will explain and model the tasks for the morning. 

This will begin at 9:10 each day for year 3.


Afternoon Meet- This is a chance for children to ask questions from the morning's tasks and to explain and model the afternoon tasks.

This will begin at 11:55 each day for year 3.


End of Day Meet- The teacher and children will meet for the last time in the day to share any news and read a story together.

This will begin at 15:00 each day for year 3.




 At Anston Brook we teaching guided reading. Children will access a focus text for the week and practise different reading skills using that text. These include: explaining the meaning of words in context, retrieving and recording information, summarising main ideas, make inferences, making predictions, making comparisons and evaluating language and meaning.


Monday- Retrieval skills.

Tuesday- Explaining the meaning of words in context skills.

Wednesday- Inference skills.

Thursday- Mixture of each skill plus vocabulary questions.

Friday- Mixture of each skill plus vocabulary questions.


More information and support is available on our phonics page.

Break Times

It is really important for everyone to take regular breaks when we're working hard. This is even more important for children. We know that children and families may not be able to follow the exact timetable everyday but no matter what it is important for children to have a break from learning.

Remote learning means spending a lot of time in front of a screen so we suggest that children take the opportunity to-

Get outside for some fresh air

Get active

Have a snack

Our timetable allows for children to have regular breaks. If you choose to follow this timetable, breaks will be scheduled at regular points:

Morning break: 10:45 -11:00
Lunchtime break: 12:00 - 13:00 
Afternoon break: 14:00 - 14:15

Learning will be asked to be submitted on Google Classroom by 3:30pm each day but please work flexibly, depending on family circumstances, to whatever best suits your needs.






Our writing sessions will focus on a writing genre and using a hook to learning and a real purpose for writing we will explore how we can create effective writing to suit the audience for our writing.

Monday- Introduction to the genre and features.

Tuesday- Modelled writing task and GPS.

Wednesday- Genre Writing Task

Thursday- Genre Writing Task

Friday- Genre Writing Task


More information and support is available on our writing page.


We will focus on different subject areas each day. There will be two curriculum sessions in the afternoon which will include history, geography, PE, RE, PSHCE, MFL, computing, Music and DT.


Monday- PE and PSHE

Tuesday- Geography

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Art

Friday- PE

This will be something that changes weekly as we aim to provide the full range of foundation subjects to our pupils.

More information and support available on our curriculum pages.

Regular Practice and additional resources.

As you can appreciate, we are striving to set a sufficient amount of learning each day to cater for the needs of all learners: this is a challenging as children learn at different speeds and require different levels of support for different areas of learning.

If you find that your child requires additional learning to what is being set each day, please continue to work on various resources that can be found and accessed online:

Time Tables Rockstars:

Hit the Button:

White Rose Home Learning:


Oxford Owl:



Our Maths curriculum is based on the White Rose Maths scheme. In addition to teaching slides we will share videos and resources to support learning. 

Monday- Dividing with remainders.

Tuesday- Scaling

Wednesday- Scaling 

Thursday- Equivalent Fractions (1)

Friday- Equivalent Fractions (2)


More information and support is available on our maths page.